Top five tips on Catering for the Gluten Free This Christmas

The Gluten free diet is no longer recognised as a fad or a customers simply being awkward. These days most food experts will gladly cater for those with a more delicate stomach as well as understand that a gluten free diet is a better way of life. By reducing the amount of wheat we put in our systems we are saying no thank you to a whole host of unnecessary ailments and diseases. ornflour, diet,

With Christmas hot on our tails most of us are getting ready for the celebrations. Christmas eating often involves over indulging but seasonal soirees don’t have to end in dodgy tummies and gluten hangovers (this is an actual thing!). So strike a balance and read our top five tips for catering for the gluten free’s in your life this christmas.

Buy Gluten free products

Your gluten free guests can still enjoy those carb fuelled delights at christmas such as pastas, breads and cakes, simply swap the gluten version for a ‘free from’ product or recipe. A basic gluten free flour will contain a mixture of rice flour, tapioca, potato, maize and buckwheat. These are all perfectly acceptable alternatives to the standard wheat products and taste great too. You can play around with your usual recipe to create the right balance and create delicious gluten free goodies for all to enjoy.

Eat natural food

Natural foods such as fruit and vegetables are just as appealing to the gluten free gang. Roasted cauliflower, goats cheese and beetroot salad or a steak and chips are all gluten free so don’t feel you have to substitute the usual pasta.

Some alcohol contains gluten

Wines sherry and spirits are all fine but remember the vast majority of beers include malted barley and other grains that contain gluten, however,some breweries produce beer using sorghum, a gluten-free grain, in place of barley

Sauces will generally contain gluten

Unless you make them yourself, sauces will almost always contain some level of gluten. Try using a little cornflour to thicken a gravy or don’t thicken at all- add a bit of butter to a finished sauce to give it a glaze and thicker taste.

Make them feel welcome

Just because someone has an intolerance it doesn’t make them any different or any more special. Most gluten free eaters just want to blend in and feel as though they aren’t an inconvenience. so the best you can do is offer a range of gluten free food for them and make sure that what you offer on the menu is actually available. So if you say you do a gluten free afternoon tea, make sure you have the same quality and quantity on offer as a gluten afternoon tea.


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