Recycling is integral to Gourmet Classic’s business and we engage with a number of local enterprises to manage our recyclable waste.

We widely recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Coffee waste
  • Recyclable office waste
  • Printer toner
Cardboard and paper

Our cardboard waste is collected weekly by a local waste paper merchant. There it is graded and sent through a baler to create one tonne bales ideal for loading into containers. The merchant sells the cardboard to paper/board Mills in the UK/Europe or the Far East. The Mills then pulp down the cardboard to produce new cardboard packaging for manufactures throughout the world. This recycling route reduces the amount of trees needed to produce paper and cardboard for industry.


Glass waste is picked up weekly by the local council for recycling. At the sorting facility, any plastic and metal is removed, the glass is broken into smaller pieces, called ‘cullet’ and then sorted by colour. The cleaned cullet is then mixed with the raw materials needed to make new glass. Finally, melted glass is cut into individual pieces which can then be fired and blown into the required size and shape before cooling. The new bottles and jars are transported to companies to be filled with new products and the process starts all over again.

Coffee waste

Our coffee waste is handled by a local waste recycling company who have perfected a process whereby food waste is converted into a renewable fuel and digestive which is then used in agriculture as an organic fertiliser.

Recyclable office waste

Items like batteries, crisps packets and bottle tops are sent to a local recycling centre.

Printer toner

Our printer toner recycling is handled by the company that supplies with stationery.