•  500g Raw King Prawns, peeled
  •  4 tbsp. Olive Oil
  •  2 Garlic Cloves, very finely sliced
  •  1 tsp. Aleppo Pepper (or dried chilli flakes)
  •  30ml Gourmet Classic Cooking Wine Concentrate White
  •  Salt
  •  Fresh Parsley, very finely chopped (to serve)


  • Heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium to high heat. The oil at the point where it starts to develop a haze, (although not burning). Add the garlic and Aleppo pepper into the hot oil, where they will start to immediately sizzle.
  • Tip in the prawns and stir to coat in the fragrant oil. They will immediately begin to cook and turn opaque.
  • As soon as the prawns have turned from grey to pink, add the Gourmet Classic White Cooking Wine Concentrate, which should bubble nicely. Cook for a further minute and the prawns are ready to serve, lightly seasoned with salt. Sprinkle with a little chopped parsley.
  • Best served hot with crusty bread to mop up the spicy juice.

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