• 60ml Gourmet Classic Hon Mirin
  • 50g Soft Light Brown Sugar
  • 60ml Soy Sauce
  • 500g Salmon (4 x 125g / 4oz cut from the thick part so narrow but tall rather than wide and flat)
  • 2 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
  • 1 – 2 Spring Onions (halved and shredded into fine strips)
  • 4 portions cooked Jasmine Rice
  • 4 Bok Choy, cut length ways
  • 1 tbsp Oil


  • Mix the Gourmet Classic Hon Mirin, brown sugar and soy sauce in a shallow dish that will take all 4 pieces of salmon and marinate the salmon in it for 3 minutes on the first side and 2 minutes on the second.
  • Meanwhile heat a large non-stick frying pan on the hob.
  • Cook the salmon in the hot, dry pan for 2 minutes and then turn the salmon over, add the marinade and cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Along with the bok choy heat rice and place in bowl.
  • Remove the salmon and bok choy to the bowl, add the rice vinegar to the hot pan, and warm through.
  • Pour the dark, sweet, salty glaze over the salmon and top with the spring onion strips.

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