Cocktails & Wine


Our expert technical team have vast experience in the blending and mixing of cocktails. We can assist with the development of a new product or take your instruction on the blending and filtration your cocktail requires. We are also able to receive your cocktail in bulk tankers and test prior to filling to ensure your product matches your specification and requirements.


Wine is usually received in tankers 13,000L upwards. Tested prior to filling in the bag in box and filtered to ensure the safety of the wine. The Bag in Box protects the wine from light and oxygen permeation and keeps its organoleptic qualities for several months. The wine can be kept for months before opening, and for 6 to 8 weeks after opening, providing a constant guarantee of the wine’s organoleptic qualities. You can pour gradually with the automatic tap. Stored either in chilled or ambient it’s perfect for drinking wine by the glass.

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