• Cool bulk liquids – a bespoke 26,000 litre storage tank with cooling jacket.
  • Control dissolved oxygen levels – closed liquid processing systems allowing for the use of nitrogen or carbon dioxide to reduce contact with oxygen. The Bag Filler is also equipped with a vacuum and nitrogen purge of the bags before and after filling.
  • Flash Pasteurise – state of the art self-calibrating flash pasteuriser able to deliver temperatures of up to 86°C for 15 to 60 seconds, dependent upon product.
  • Cross-Flow Filter – a ceramic filter system that constantly regenerates and achieves a filtration pore size of 0.2 microns. Particularly effective for the removal of pathogens in low acid non-alcoholic liquids.
  • Absolute Sterile Filtration – A verifiable system that ensures clarified liquids pass through 0.45 micron pores immediately before filling into a bag or bottle and thus ensuring the absence of yeast, moulds and bacteria.

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