Environmental Policy

Gourmet Classic Limited is based at Ringwood, Hampshire, UK. The core business specialises in the manufacturing of cooking wines, vinegars and glazes.

We at Gourmet Classic Limited recognise the need to look after the environment we all live in and the impact manufacturing has on our world. We are committed to monitoring and measuring the environmental impacts and seek to prevent pollution by becoming environmentally responsible during operation.

The main activities that interact with the environment at Gourmet Classic are;

  • Site operation, which includes lighting, heating, production and cleaning.
  • Waste management, which involves both the storage and disposal.

In accordance with the commitment to become environmentally responsible during operation these activities will be dealt with in an attempt to reduce the impact Gourmet Classic has on the environment.

This will be done by;

  • Reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.
  • Management of waste, with a view to reducing the total volume.
  • Preventing, where possible, environmental emergencies occurring, yet ensuring that contingency plans are in place.

All applicable legal and other requirements will be complied with; these will be regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with all current and future legislation.

This environmental policy will be made available to all employees of Gourmet Classic via the website and also being displayed in the reception area.

All staff shall receive appropriate training on environmental issues so as to meet our objectives and targets.

The managing director of Gourmet Classic Limited is fully committed to the implementation of this environmental policy. The environmental performance of the company shall be periodically reviewed to ensure continual improvement.

Other policies Gourmet Classic currently has in place: