Ethical Trading Policy

Policy Statement

Gourmet Classic are committed to undertaking all aspects of our business activities within the umbrella of this Ethical Trading Policy. This not only covers the legislative and compliance requirements associated with our business but also extends to the culture and the values of our business.

Ethical Trading is understood by Gourmet Classic as the principle of conducting our business in a way that is both honest and honourable.

As part of this principle, we have in place policies and procedures that deal with individual areas of where ethical considerations need particular attention, as follows:

  • Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Whistleblowing
  • Modern Slavery
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Food Safety and Quality
  • Supplier Management
  • Alcohol Anti-Fraud

As a fundamental underpinning of this policy, I require that all employees take time to make considered decisions with support from their colleagues, should they find themselves in circumstances that do not meet our Company Values or Ethical Trading Policy.

Other policies Gourmet Classic currently has in place: