Iced coffee is generally brewed hot and poured over ice, a method that makes the drink taste bitter because of the intense and rapid extraction of flavour from the beans.

Gourmet Classic blend of Arabica and Robsta beans is sourced from sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee suppliers. The beans are then cold-brewed at room temperature for up to 24 hours, resulting in a drink with reduced caffeine and lower acidity, which makes the rich flavour naturally sweeter. Although cold brewing takes longer it involves a much gentler infusion process and is generally regarded as the superior method.

In addition to being the base for Nitro Coffee, Filtered Cold Brew can also be served straight into the glass as a simple Cold Brew Coffee.

Features & Benefits

  • Best beans, best water, best filtration, resulting with a best coffee
  • Ambient 12 month shelf life
  • Natural sweetness resulting in a less bitter coffee
  • Sugar free, no calories only a natural energy boost

Suggested Uses

  • Nitro coffee
  • Cocktail mixers
  • For the energy seekers – replace your energy drink

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