Features & Benefits

  •  Made with Gourmet Classic 21% Fortified Marsala
  •  Adds value to the dish when written on the menu
  •  Consistent quality ingredient
  •  Complements the dish without over powering

Suggested Uses

  •   Fortified wines have long been considered particularly appropriate when paired with meats, game, game birds, poultry, and shellfish.
  •   A splash of a fortified wine is a welcome addition to a finished soup or a simmering stew or sauce, added just before it’s finished cooking
  •   Ham braised in Madeira or Marsala, along with some broth, is lovely
  •   Fortified wines are excellent as a marinade
  •   On the sweet side, choose sweet sherry, Marsala, or port to flavour mousses, puddings, soufflés, and dessert sauces. Drizzle them over fruit, flavour a sugar syrup with them and brush the syrup over cake layers.

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