Sleepeasy Gluten Free Menu

Light Meals

Asparagus and Sleepeasy Hollandaise

Asparagus with tomato lemon, parsley and Sleepeasy Hollandaise

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Risotto Béchamel

Butternut squash smoked tomato and parsley risotto

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Pan Roasted Chicken and Sleepeasy Velouté

Pan-roasted chicken breast creamed leeks and green pea Velouté

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Baked Eggs and Sleepeasy Sauce Tomate

Baked Eggs with chorizo and vine tomatoes

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Cod Provençale and Sleepeasy Sauce Tomate

Pan baked fillet of cod Provençale

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Chicken Chasseur and Sleepeasy Jus Lié

Classic chicken chasseur

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Pork Belly Cassoulet and Sleepeasy Jus Lié

Belly pork cassoulet with chorizo, bean and sweet potato

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Roasted salmon fillet and Sleepeasy Hollandaise

Roasted salmon fillet with dill, lemon and Sleepeasy Hollandaise

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Brisket and Sleepeasy Hollandaise

Brisket with thyme, chilli, red wine risotto and Sleepeasy Hollandaise

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Peach Melba and Sleepeasy Créme Anglaise

Peach Melba

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